…Interactive conferences, peer-to-peer-learning, network meetings, communal development, strategic, organizational and team development…

You wish to achieve a shared vision and committed action from different stakeholders in an intensive and productive exchange,

You want to design an interactive conference with ample space for participants‘ matters of interest.

You want to motivate and activate completely different people for a common project,

You seek to develop and implement a common vision based on criteria developed joinly with your project or network partners.

You wish to share knowledge in groups of 20, 50 or 100 people and encourage peer-to-peer learning,

You aim for involving your employees in the change process and you want to use their expert assessment and promote an active cooperation?

Interactive conferences, organizational development and learning based on participatory formats offer a high potential for immediate productive exchange: they create fast synergies, help to identify interdependencies and make available knowledge circulate.

I strive to initiate processes where participants can work vigorously and creatively on issues they really care for. I like to encourage them to open their drawers to share undiscovered ideas.

Together with my colleaguesboscop we are planning and facilitating processes to support the development of self-organisation.