As a researching and teaching ethnologist and during longer stay abroad (in Israel, Russia, Poland, France) I argued early and intensely with human everyday culture and practiced in varied environments, branches and regions of the world. I allowed myself to be irritated and enchanted, shock and for a certain time taken in by manifold perspectives on the world and global like local differences and common characteristics. I saw the most different working and life concepts, gender and family concepts, leadership and working styles.

In parallel with the scientific discussion on the variety and complexity of human culture disclosed to me by my education, my work as a mediator and the following practical work with people in workshops, trainings and consultations inspired a sensory-like linkings between theory and practice. Mutual learning processes between the work, communication and interaction, began and found entrance in varied publications and the advancement of training methods within. This process continues and is continuously inspired by the active exchange with colleagues.


▪ Magistra in European ethnology, Polonistik and Slavistik (2003)

▪ Doctorate doctor of the philosophy (2007)

▪ Education in mediation in the Mediationsstelle Frankfurt (Oder) (2003 – 2004) as well as continuing education modules with boscop (2015)

▪ qualification as a cross Cultural Consultant (2006)

▪ Open Space learning workshops in Vlotho (2006) and Berlin (2007) and how to manage a future search (2015)

▪ Train for intercultural trainings, Project management, communication (2005 to today)

▪ regular Peer-to-Peer consultation week-ends with colleagues from the area of big group accompanying, coaching, mediation & organizational development (2006 till this day)

▪ varied trainings and presentations in the international cultural area, educational area and youth area as well as stated expert’s assessment as a European ethnologist in the realization and advancement of biographic, qualitative interviews and the analysis of everyday-cultural social environments and practice.

  • teaching and research activity at universities