You want to deepen specific competences in your team,further education interactively, with professionalism and fun, to learn about a subject without having to complete a whole education a well-balanced interplay between information input, experience based learning and the adaptation of instruments & methods of your concrete working area?

I offer Workshops, trainings & advanced trainings for following subjects:

  •  interculture & diversity & Gender
  • conflict management & basic knowledge in mediation
  • communication in the team
  • work with large groups / participative processes
  • activation and involvement of people
  • time and resource management
  • project management

Based on my expert assessment and research in European Ethnology I can offer short presentations as keynote and inspiration for:

  •  construction of self-images and foreign pictures, stereo-classifications/stereotypes
  •  migration, mobility, trans-nationality, postal colonialism
  •  intercultural communication, intercultural competence,
  •  national, regional, ethnic identities, Inclusions and exclusions,
  •  diversity, intersektionalism, gender,
  •  working cultures and organization cultures, working cultures in the change.

Furthermore and not only for scientists I am expert / key-note speaker for following subjects:

  •  quality methods: Revitalization and specific adaptation to the research field
  •  Study / work life balance: Time or resource management
  •  My way: Dealing with crossings and status changes
  •  Lead, Teach, Present: find your style of leadership style
  •  innovative teaching methods & my role as teacher
  •  My way: Career planning in and beyond university

I continuously improve my skills and extend and modify my offer accordingly.

In case you cannot find what you are looking for here, you may find the expertise in my network. Just ask me.